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A hallmark of the Eureka experience is next day delivery. NEVER again will you have to endure the agony of waiting days (or weeks) on end for items you have already paid for. No longer returning to an empty flat that begs to be furnished, you can rest assured that the next night is a night of completed comfort.

Any purchase over $3,000 HKD qualifies for free delivery. No delivery request will be denied. At Eureka, we know that Hong Kong people work extremely hard. For this reason we off the following:

Night deliveries (until 10:00 pm)
Sunday deliveries
Key Collection Service
Early Saturday Service
Deliveries from 07:00 on week days.
You cannot afford to stand by and wait for another company to simply promise a delivery time that will be extended into the future.

1. Night Deliveries Until 22:00: Eureka knows that you work late. Our team will start a delivery at 20:00 to finish by 22:00. You do not have to take off work to accept furniture. However, you must be on time. If you are late, you will have to pay for the rescheduled delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. Sunday Deliveries: Eureka is pleased to announce Sunday deliveries, starting in the morning to the early evening. Eureka understands that you may not have time other than Sundays to furnish your home. We work around your schedule. However, if you fail to be on time for a Sunday delivery, you will be charged for the rescheduled delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Key Collection Service: If you are too busy to take a break from the day, we will collect your key, install the items, and return the key. All at no additional charge.

4. Early Saturday Service: We appreciate that you may have more to do on a Saturday than to wait for furniture. We offer early day service. If you have less than 10 items not requiring assembly.

5. Early Day Service: If you need a delivery before the work day begins, we can be at your home at 07:00. We will finish before 09:00 if you have less than 10 items and they do not require assembly.

These are just a few of the innovations that await you at Eureka!

The following caveats exist:

Building Rules: It is your responsibility to know the building rules and regulations before scheduling a delivery. Eureka assumes no responsibility for failing to deliver due to building regulations. Failure to consider the regulations carries a $800 penalty.
Next Day Delivery Limited to In-Stock Items: Special order items do not qualify for next day delivery. Items requiring buyer modification also do not qualify for next day delivery.
Next Day Defined As: Eureka defines next day as 24 hours notice. Do not even attempt to come into Eureka (either online or in person) at 20:00 expecting at delivery at 07:00 the next day. We will always try to accommodate every reasonable request.
Accounts Must Be Settled Before Delivery: Self explanatory. We cannot make an exception to the rule. You must settle your account before any of the ordered items arrive.
Failure to Show: If you are not there at the scheduled time, you will lose your slot. Another slot will cost you $800.00 HKD.
Elevator Dimensions: Please make sure that the items you purchase will fit inside the elevator. If an item must be carried up the stairs, we have to charge $30 per floor. NO EXCEPTIONS.

As it relates to the above, we apologize that we cannot make exceptions. At Eureka it is a first come first serve basis. While we know many of you know our Senior Management (they say “hello”) invoking their name will not alter this rule.