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Product Availability

Never has the name been more true than “I Found It”. We remain excited when customers find the perfect item or setting for their home. This quickly changing amount of merchandise is sold on a first come first serve basis. Products shown on the website are available for instant purchase, and if you like a certain item, we suggest you purchase it immediately.

Reserved Items: Unfortunately, we cannot reserve items for you. If you see an item you like, you may purchase it. Please do not ask us to hold an item for you.

Online Purchases: Products purchased online will be immediately held for the customer until a delivery time is established. All accounts must be settled online for Eureka to set the product aside.

Refunds or Exchanges: All sales are final. There is no exchange or refund available from Eureka.

Product Size & Dimensions: Homes in Hong Kong may be smaller than in other countries. It is incumbent upon the consumer to know if items purchased will fit into their home.

Alterations: All products are sold as seen. Eureka will not alter, amend, or reconfigure items.

Special Order: On a few, clearly identified items, Eureka will entertain customized orders for colors, fabrics, and sizes.

Returns or Refunds: All items at Eureka are sold on an “As-Is” basis. The only exception is for new furniture items that come with missing parts or broken components. The customer understands and unequivocally accepts that items in Eureka are a combination of new, previously leased, and discontinued furniture and décor items.